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Welcome to Centre of Small Things, also known as C.O.S.T. An organisation focused on providing change through meaningful initiatives that improve the lives of the people involved. We are about educating, advising, fundraising, donating and developing digital & physical solutions that improve the livelihood of South Africans and the world at large. As an institution, we do whatever we can, when we can to make some kind of a difference, big or small. 

At the Centre of Small Things, we pride ourselves in the little bit of work that we are able to do. 

What we do


We are always learning and finding new ways to improve lives. This can not be possible without doing the right research and having the right data behind our projects.


We develop different kinds of solutions to cater to problems that currently exist. This could be an app, website, program, document, product or something as simple as a template.


There are a lot of issues in the world unfortunately and whenever we can, we do our best to mediate in issues that we can be able to have a solution for.


Not all of the initiatives we work on are already budgeted for and sometimes this means we have to find new ways to raise funds to cater to these specific projects and anything else that comes around.


We are always eager to grow as an organization and one of the best ways to do that is to grow with others. We are about collaborating with both individuals and companies to grow the impact or reach of our projects.


We are about bettering the lives of the communities we can reach; both digitally and physically. This means facilitating programs that bring education into improving their own functions, capabilities, access and skills comes into play.

Our Shooters For Charity Initiative

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